Quick Fix Twists

So after the little setback I had with the sew in due to me not taking care of my hair underneath properly I decided that my next protective style would be a quick and easy one. At first I wanted box braids but once I started I realized that I simply did not feel like having box braids anymore plus at the event the 28th my plan is to wear my hair down so it will have to be a short term protective style.  
All the stores was already closed so I started looking through my things in hope to find something, anything lol. Luckily I found some leftovers of the Afro twist hair, some people call it marley braiding hair. 

I made medium sections for an easy up and easy down protective style, but I also had to keep in mind that I only had about one package to use. To prevent it from becoming a disaster (you know you end up sitting there with no braiding hair left but like 3/4 of your hair undone -_-. Ain't nobody got time for that!) I cut each twist into half, I used two halves per section so I basically used one twist per section. 
It took me a few hours only and it looks natural especially since I didn't make them so long this time.

Close up of the hair. As you can see, you can't tell where my hair ends matter of fact you can't see it at all unless you for some reason would stare at my hair..

 But how do you take care of your hair while it is in twists, braids, plaits etc?
To get the answer visit my Instagram page and look for this picture. I will also upload a video on my YouTube channel with more pictures and tips

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