Introducing SSS Plates - A Hair Stretching Tool



 A looooooooong very long time ago (we are talking months ago) I found out about the SSS Plates on Instgram, but back then it was only a kickstarter project. At first I thought to myself no way that I am paying 50 something dollars for a hair tool that I don't know anything about (at this point no one had received it yet) and plus it was from overseas so if I don't want it, whatever the reason we all know I sure don't have the time to go through the process to send it back...
Then I thought some more and realized that hey why not? I mean I didn't use heat at all on my hair until my first straigthening session that was just recently so I gave it a try.
Unfortunately the kickstarter project was shut down and the refund process started.
I sent several messages since it took a good amount of time until I received my refund, matter of fact some people on Instgram even contacted me regarding the SSS Plates, long story short at one point I simply sent a message thorugh Instgram to let her know that I wanted her to send me my order in a day or two or otherwise the only solution is refund. And finally the SSS plates are now here with with me.

The SSS Plates are sold by CWK (Curly, Wavy, Kinky) Girls founder Kelechi Bradley. Note that since back during the kickstarter project the plates have been re-newed. The plates now come with an additional part which is a curling tool that I haven't tried yet, but I will let you guys know when I have.
The original price for the SSS Starter set is $54,99 ≈ 460 SEK, but it has been sold at a discount price of $49,99 ≈ 420SEK (including shipping*) for awhile now. When it was a kickstarter project there was different pricing options depending on the amount of plates in each set.
SSS Starter set gives you a total of 56 plates/set, 16 root stretchers, 24 middle stretchers and 16 end/curl plates. I did count them when I received them and the number was correct, I even think that I received one or two extra middle stretchers.
This is how the plates look like when installed. In my case I add an extra root stretcher to each section since my ends won't stay in.


This is how the root stretcher looks like. All of them comes in Purple.

The plates was set on freshly washed hair (Products used will be shared on my instagram) and kept over night simply because I always let my hair airdry and I didn't want it to take the whole next day. I have seen people using it on both wet/damp and dry hair so it is upt to you.

Now let me tell you something it was not comfortable at all. However the results are not bad at all. See picture below.

Result of SSS Plates on freshly washed, detangled and combed hair.

Would I recommend it? I have fine hair and don't use heat on my hair so for me with the shrinkage I have, an heat free stretching tool sounded very appealing. Thus far I feel like the price is too expensive, but at the same time I don't know how much the production costs per set. I have only tried it once so I can't say enough yet. I will play around with it and see how it works with different styling options.

It is for you if you want to limit the use of heat/don't use heat on your hair, stretch your hair without having to manipulate it too much, straighter hair without having to use a bunch of heat or hair products.

*Unfortunately international shipping is limited/not available so send an email before ordering in case you stay outside U.S.

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