Maximum Hydration Method challenge: Day 2

After day 1 I was thinking sh*t.. it is so many steps compared to my usual wash day but, even though I did have a minor setback I was excited to continue and see the results.

Day 2 I switched some off the products since I had a minor setback (my hair was crunchy.. and 'I had some white flakes). Instead of Beautiful Textures Leave-in I used Tresemme diluted with water basically I followed the MHM directions, I did use gel compared to day 1.
To the baking soda clarifying treatment I used DermOrganic's conditioner. The bentonite clay was leftover from day 1.

 I decided to try something new, a low bun.
I sectioned my hair into two halves, I wanted the part to be in a zigzag motion but it was kind of a fail lol. Working with one half at the time I applied the gel by smoothing it on with my hands and then I used the boar bristle brush (?). 
Since what I wanted was a low bun I pulled each half back and tied it. To prevent major shrinkage I stretched it by using the banding method on each puff.

It turned out to not work.. So I decided to style it in some way anyway and after playing a little bit with my edge moves, this was the results.

That brush is the BUSINESS!

Day 2 conclusion: My hair was soo soft all day and it went a bit quicker but it is still a challenge to follow all steps everyday until Monday.

For those of you who follows me on Instagram, I have some pictures on there too and I will post a picture of the products/tools used there.

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