Product review: Mane n tail 'Deep moisturizing' Shampoo and conditioner

This do not make your hair grow. Protein makes your hair and nails stronger which is why it might give you a significant faster hair growth.
It contains  protein among ither ingredients that together with good haircare contributes to growth, length retention and/or moisture retention. 

The conditioner and shampoo is what I  used but since I started co-washing a short time after I got them there's more shampoo than conditioner. 
The shampoo lathers umm medium a lot? Lol yeah. 
I like it and how it works on my hair, its definitely a good protein conditioner. The shampoo is kind of drying on the hair even though I got the ' Deep moisturizing' so that's another reason why I stopped using the shampoo.

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2 kommentarer

  1. Vi säljer Manr "n Tail Shampoo, Conditioner, & hand cream på Visons Butik. Repslagargatan 6 118 46. Det är bra produkt.

    1. Vad bra! Då kan jag köpa från dig nästa gång istället för online :)


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