Maximum Hydration Method challenge: Day 1 - Clay rinse

After the Cherry Lola treatment I almost gave up. It was so messy and that was only step 1! Somehow I continued anyway and I actually made it to day 2 too but that is another blogpost.

I used the MHM bentonite clay mix so it wasn't as I usually make it. For some reason I had clumps :( probably because I put the oil in first and then forgot and did something else hehe anyway I decided to simply work with it.
One thing I want to point out is that I didn't buy anything new to join the MHM challenge I am simply working with the products I have at home, keeping in mind that this might affect my results. 
The Tresemme naturals & liquid amino was purchased awhile ago and I already am using bentonite clay so I wasn't completely out of line.


 At this point the curl definition was getting even tighter and was consistent from root to tip. As I use bentonite clay already I knew how my hair looks, feels and curls with the clay and this was definitely something new!
I dont remember how long I kept it on this time but it wasn't for long maybe 20-30 minutes compared to 30minutes+ when I usually use bentonite clay so the difference was serious. I also noticed that I had more hang on my curls all over thanks to the Cherry Lola treatment.



Not bad at all.. The shrinkage took place but it wasn't as serious as usual. I didn't take any pictures of the last two steps which is the leave-in conditioner and botanical gel, but you can find more pictures on my Instagram page.

Conclusion after this step: My hair looked like a textured shorter version of hockey frilla*..

*one of many inappropriate hairstyles.

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