Maximum Hydration Method challenge: Day 1 - the Cherry Lola Treatment

For the Scandinaturals that are on Instagram you have probably seen Ms Deekay one or another time there, but she also have a YouTube channel & blog. I am no good at following blogs so I have only watched her videos on YouTube to be exact her videos about the Maximum Hydration Method.
As the name states it is basically a hair care regime to achieve maximum hydration with your hair, along with the hydration comes other benefits such as less/no frizz to name one and for those of you who have low porosity hair like me this will aid in moisture retention.

Since I have low porosity hair I had to apply the Cherry Lola treatment as step  instead of clarifying. I will put the link below for the recipe I used and more information on the Cherry Lola treatment.


Step 1: The yogurt.                       Step 2: Add the baking soda.       Step 3: Add the liquid amino.

The recipe is really simple, but when searching on Google you will notice that some people use different amounts of each ingredient. I saw recipes that said 16 oz yogurt while others said 2 parts yogurt. 
I used about 400-500g (4-5 dl) and even though I thought that it wouldnt be enough for my hair , it did due to the foaming action of the baking soda that you see in step 2 and 3. Later on I realized that the recipe said to add the liquid amino first.. 

At this point I noticed that my hair started to get curly all the way the to the tip, but it smelled like soy sauce..

This was the result after washing it out.  As you can see it wasn't completely rinsed out in this picture. To be honest it wasn't wow, but I could definitely tell a difference. My curl pattern was tighter then usual and I did have less frizz in the top area.
The picture is blurry due to the steam in the shower, that is also the reason why I didn't make a video.

For more information: The Cherry Lola treatment- Recipe & Information
Where to get liquid amino: iHerb or eBay Uk

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