Twist out trial (Again)

After taking the sew in down I decided to try a new way of styling my hair, but you know I am lazy.. so I decided to make my new style a 2-in-1. Basically a protective style AND a hair style.

I twisted my whole head by using Beautiful Textures Curl Control on wet hair sealed with DermOrganic Leave-in treatment. 

After I was done twisting my whole head which tookme awhile since my hair is thick which requires smaller sections for a defined twist out. I had them for about 3 days, during this time I wore my wig so nobody knew what was underneath and that is good because I looked crazy with that shrinkage..

I kept the twists moisturized by spritzing them daily as usual but a bit more often. Baggying was done one time overnight.

This is the twist out after a few days and after wash day with water, DC and conditioner. The definition was still alive lol. Note that the results will vary depending on your hair type.

To see more pictures of the results, visit my Instagram.

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