Video tutorial fail

So... I was recording this video of me doing my Shea butter cream but um when watching the video I realized that it stopped recording after like 1 min 😔. 

I will share it with you anyway though! 

You will need:
• fork, spoon, spatula, masher or whatever to mash the Shea butter smooth. 
• hand mixer 
• oil/-s of your choice, I used olive oil. 
• raw Shea butter preferably organic too. 
• container to store.
• a pipe bag or plastic bag that is cut into a pipe. 
• rosemary oil to preserve it. 
• Get ready for some mess lol

I start by mashing the Shea butter into a smooth lump less consistency. Then I put it into a mixing bowl and mix it for a few seconds. 
I then add the oil/-s and mix it until I am satisfied with the consistency. Lastly I add some drops of rosemary oil and blend it. 

This step is optional but it is a little easier and less messy then using your hands. 
Put the cream into a plastic bag to one of the corners in the bag. Cut a piece off and fill your container. 

I personally don't follow recipe when doing this but for the first time I would recommend you to do so. After a couple if times you will learn what's best for you. 
I have made whipped Shea butter before but Shea cream works best for me. 

Uses: You choose! I use this for skin mainly but sometimes I use it on my hair too. For example to smooth my hair the times when I'm not looking for slickness that gel gives. 
Adjust it for your needs and likings. 1 thing to know, raw Shea butter stinks! If it doesn't stink then it's not real lol. 

Notes: Shea butter is good for psoriasis, eczema, dry skin and more. It can also be used in the LOC method and in hair treatments.
I buy 150g and divide into two pieces. One 1/2 gives me about 140-150 ml of the finished product. It lasts me about a month and that's after full body use everyday. 
All the ingredients are bought in stockholm, Sweden. Let me know if you have any questions. 

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