Fish oil and biotin for healthy hair

Active Care Fish oil (1000mg + E-vitamin): 1-3 daily, 120 capsules. 
These can be bought in Sweden at ÖoB, maybe even online. 

+ nourish your hair with Omega-3 fatty acids. 
- high doses can reduce the body's ability to fight infections. 

I have not tried them because just by opening the lid, it stinks! These was given to me but for another purpose than haircare. I can't see myself taking them because the capsules are quit big for me that has a problem swallowing pills. Especially when they taste and smell bad as *%!~.. 
Have you used fish oil topically or orally for hair or health care? 

21st Century Biotin ( high potency biotin 800mcg): 1 daily, 110 tablets ( 10% extra in this one). 
This one is bought from iHerb.com
 The shipping is free to USA, for Sweden I think it's about $4 and the shipping is pretty fast. 

+ hair loss can be reduced.
- can cause breakouts on body and face ( I did not know that at that time). 

I tried  1 bottle but I will not continue to take these. The tablets are small and easy to swallow which is a plus. It's also very affordable. 
My thought was to start with a lower dose to then go higher, I have seen some people starting with 5,000mcg but that's up to yourself. 

A short time after my skin started to break out, not a lot but I don't break out like that and I noticed that my face got shinier especially on my t-zone. At that point I was drinking less water than I do today which can be one reason why it made me break out. 
My nails and hair got stronger and my nails grew fast but my hair didn't grow any faster. 

I didn't notice any side effects after I stopped using it. Biotin on its own is a no no for me. 

Do you or have you used any supplement to grow your hair stronger, healthier or faster? 

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2 kommentarer

  1. Great post!

    I was considering using fish oil, but it does stink :/ I started taking flaxseed oil pills instead for my hair growth, and it contains Omega-3s similar to fish oil.

    I use 5,000 mg biotin and I drink A LOT of water so that I don't break out. I am noticing hair growth in my hair and it's great! Sorry you didn't get the same results - maybe try flaxseed oil. It doesn't stink!

    1. Thank you! Hmm that sounds better lol the fish oil smell..
      Yeah with biotin water is really important and I tend to fail at drinking enough water at times. Im glad you are seeing results with it :)
      I will look it up


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