Review- Gels for hair and edges

IC Fantasia Hair Polisher Styling gel 'Hard to hold' (the pink one)- This one was bought during my product junkie period. I will not buy this again. 

+ alcohol free
+ contains aloe vera juice
- white flakes in some cases (even though it says non flaking)  
- lasts for a short time only
Conclusion > I would not buy it again. If I will it would be for wash n go but I don't do them so 🙅 for this one. 

Keracare Edge Tamer- For my edges and hairline only. 
+ a little goes a long way
+ contains castor oil
- it's literally for your edges only. It does not hold more than that. 
Conclusion > This one is a newly added product but I can't say anything negative  about it. It does what it says, lay your edges. 

IC Fantasia Hair Polisher Styling gel (clear one)- This one is much better than the pink one but I haven't tried it to smooth or lay my hair yet. 
+ alcohol free
+ contains aloe vera juice
- no cons since I have only used it about 2 times. 
Conclusion > Since I haven't really tried it I can't say too much yet but it might be like the clear one. I can tell by looking at the ingredient list and what it claims to do. 

Taliah Waajid Lock it Up- After 2 samples. 
+ 5 out of 10 ingredients are natural
+ non flaking
- I don't know what original container look like but this gel has a liquid consistency. I actually dropped some once :( lol
Conclusion >  I love this one already. So far I have only tried it while installing twists and a littler on my left over edges (that sounds so bad lol) but this is a sure yes. 

What gel/wax do you use on your hair and edges? 

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