Afro puff - Styling tips for Little Girls

On the road of my hair journey there have been several family members and friends jumping on this crazy train with me. Even my mum who used to tell me to fix my naps.. I guess I am inspirational lol.
The latest one to jump the train has been my 9 year old sister. She has been relaxed for years and she started earlier than I did. When it comes to protective style and maintenance, it really speaks for itself. Pretty much no length retention and don't get me wrong she had and still has around shooulder length but it sure wasn't healthy.

Today I would say she is close to 100%  relaxer free (see picture below for texture shot).

This is "dirty" hair that has been spritzed with DIY moisturizing spritz, so no styling at all.

However just like my hair, her hair can not stay loose for a longer period. The detangling session would be really serious.  But you have to alternate the hairstyles and this particular day we needed something Quick. She wanted a ponytail, but with the state of her hair I couldn't let that happen. My mum learn't that day lol.

At first I planned to do a wash-n-go with gel but her hair shrinked a lot so it took more time then needed.

Before: Her hair is dry, matted and brittle due to not being moisturized throughout the week. PS. she is tenderheaded so it can be a struggle to even detangle her hair.

During: The unstyled section have not been stretched or detangled in this picture. I minimized the shrinkage by using the root stretcher from my CWK plates pack on each wash-n-go section.

Final look: After that I completed the wash-n-go I proceeded to smooth the hair and edges for the puff. To add a bit fun since it was a birthday party, the front has been temporary colored with hair chalks (light pink and dark pink) by Divine Hair Sweden. In the back I put a bowtie.

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  1. Love that you are an inspiration to your younger sister. The young ones take after what we do, not what we say. So keep being a good example!


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