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First of all what is STOCKHOLM2DAY?
STOCKHOLM2DAY is a new platform for Swedish designers with roots in Africa. Jewellery, clothes, herbs, art and so much more is to find at Just Africa, the home ground of STOCKHOLM2DAY. The best way to describe it is Urban Chic.

Except what the store has to offer they also have pop-up stores featuring upcoming designers. I have personally been at one: Zimbo Chic.

 Zimbo Chic is by Isabela Chiweshe and during her pop-up event at Just Africa I had a little chit-chat with her, her personality and soul is felt through her attires.

Before I left I received a goodiebag. Check what I received in my goodie bag.

The following was found in the goodie bag that I received:
  • Two bracelets, the one in ankara fabric is by Zimbo Chic. 
  • A visit card to SoFo pop-up shop and showroom. Unfortunately I haven't checked it out yet.
  • A facial peel-off masque with Orange oil and vitamin C. Vitamin C is brightening and evens skintone to name some benefits. #MelaninAboutToBeOnFleek
 On top of the goodie bag I also received the Africa sterling silver necklace by Asase. I love it!


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