How to turn your puff into a protective style

Combed out puff

When I wear my hair out you mostly get to see it up in a puff. Shame on me I know, but I will start to try out some new hairstyles like I did this time 

Wearing the same hairstyle often is not a good idea because you can end up with bald spots, breaking edges etc depending on the style. In this case, the puff can lead to thinning edges and/or hairline and I don't have the time for that and neither should you. So I turned my beloved puff into an easy protective style that will last you a few days depending on your wash day regime.

  • Remove the headband/-s, dampen it with DIY moisturizing hair spritz and cover it with a scarf. 
With the scarf covering your perimeter and edges, section the puff into two or four mini puffs and moisturize them then cover the puff only. You can use a plastic bag, shower cap etc, this is basically baggying. 

The rest you need to know is in a tutorial on my YouTube channel.

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