Weave Take down - Wash day

Freshly applied bentonite clay on water rinsed hair.

It had been awhile since my last time using bentonite clay so this was the day. 
This time I did not measure anything I just improvised and I actually got the same results. It is never enough for my whole head lol! The batch I made was enough for almost 3/4 of my head so I had to do another batch.  Except that everything went great. 
A video of clay application is on my YouTube channel.

I used the "Denman brush" to detangle during this process and it helped to separate my curls. 

Water rinsed hair after bentonite clay.
My hair was soft, and moisturized but unfortunately most importantly the shrinkage is back.
Since my hair had already been cleansed and deep conditioned during the bentonite clay treatment, I decided to finish off with DermOrganic conditioner. That really made my hair even softer! 

DermOrganic Leave-in treatment, Root2Tip Scalp Hydration serum & a newbie ORS Hair repair creme.
After every wash day I always follow up with the LCO in one or another way. This time I decided to try a sample out by ORS. It smells delicious so I just had to try it ASAP.

  • I applied ORS Hair Repair creme by scrunching it on wet hair.
  • On freshly washed hair I apply Root2Tip Scalp Hydration serum and massage it on my scalp gently.
  • A drop of DermOrganic Leave-in treatment to seal the moisture in. 

Stay tuned for a product review on the newbie product.

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