It's a wig!

Protective styling should be easy in my opinion. Easy to install and easy to take down. A wig is all that, especially when it's a well done wig!

I saw several looks that I wanted, but of course I couldn't get all of them especially not since this was a trial to see how lucky I would be when I received them.
My decision fell on one straight wig with a front bang & of course one curly with a lace part.

So far I am not feeling the one with the bang.. It seems like t will start to shed and tangle after use and the bang is not as full as I want it to be. But the bang is obviously not full at the pictures either so that's to blame on me. When it comes to the texture it reminds me of silky yaki is and it is not heave on my head yet it covers.
When it comes to the curly one, I love it. It is really light and soft, but the best part is probably that I can choose whether to leave my natural hair out or no. Not much more to say about this one since it is my favorite lol.

Close up of the texture. The hair has not been styled, it has only been slightly cut in the front.

This wig has an L-part with lace front. As you can tell by the picture the lace is really transparent.

Close up of the part.

Along the hairline at the very front the wig has knots instead of being wefted all the way. This gives it a more natural

Stay updated for a wig 101 on how to maintain your wig, and hair underneath.

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