Wash-N-Go with Jessicurl Rocking Ringlets

Since I took out my twists I have been challenging myself to wear my hair down. Basically I have been limiting the puff to maximum twice a week and it has been a challenge, a lot because of the shrinkage and my laziness. But thanks to the internet I am now on my second week.
Many of the hairstyles are a first attempt and I don't sugarcoat anything. If it fails I will still post it and learn from it.

When I first started my hair journey, wash-n-go was something I dreamed of. It simply didn't seem like my hair would do that.. So yesterday I got myself together and prepared to do a wash-n-go after my bentonite clay mask. That final review will be up soon along with another Scandinatural blogger's review.

To prevent my scalp from getting dry and/or my hair from getting white flakes I first applied Root2Tip Scalphydration serum. Then I worked section by section and scrunched the Jessicurl Rocking Ringlets styling gel on each section. I did this on wet hair.

I honestly thought that my hair would require more than two samples so I have been collecting them lol! The fun part is that I ended up using only one and half a sample (each sample is 15 ml). So I have more left to try it again :D. The directions tells you to air dry or to use a diffuser, but I don't have a diffuser and I was too tired to stay up. I solved it by not moving at night  I tried to not move my head too much during the night.

I didn't go to sleep with my hair in puffs. Put my satin bonnet on and went to sleep..
Then I woke up like this..

In the picture it looks fluffier then it was. All I did  to style it was a few mists of water above my head and a hair band.

Not bad for it being my 1st trial right?

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