DIY moisturizing hair spritz - New ingredient added

One thing I always suggest to people when they ask for advice on their hair is to keep your hair properly moisturized. But with all the products and ingredients you can find today, the beauty supply store is the last place you want to visit.

This spritz has definitely changed my hair to the better since a couple of spritzs daily is enough to boost the moisture level. It can be used during twists, weave, braids, cornrows, wigs and etc. There is no limit or excuse as long as you can reach your scalp in one or another way. And the ingredients are good for your hair, and they can also be used for other purposes, but that is another post lol.

For the base of this spritz you need:

  • Water ( I use pre-boiled water)
  • Rose water
  • Oil/-s
  • Spray bottle

  • Essential oils ( Ex. tea tree oil for dandruff, jojoba for dry scalp, almond oil for damaged hair)
  • Conditioner
  • Aloe vera juice or aloe vera gel
  • Infused water (Tea, herb infused water and etc)

About a month ago I ran out of the rose water and I decided to see how the spritz would work without it. Surprisingly, my hair was just fine without it like duh.  That was a mistake, but I learnt from it and it made me realize the benefits of the rose water. I am telling you, never again.
Except that my beloved rose water is back I decided to switch the water to green tea instead because I am trying to keep wash day and my hair routine as simple as possible. So if I can get the benefits of the tea without having to do tea rinses then why not?

Aloe vera gel is a common ingredient on my blog for many reasons, rose water, organic and unrefined coconut oil & almond oil.

When it comes to the amount of each ingredients there is no right or wrong. It depends on your hair condition, type,density and etc. Regardless of the ingredients you use,  the consistency you are looking for is basically liquid.

This is the amount of each ingredient that I use in my spritz. Of course this might change if my hair changes in one or another way.
The spritz can be used as you please, but I suggest that you use it at least 2 times a day 2x/week 

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