FAQ - Moisture retention with braids/plaits/twists

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One common mistake that people do when wearing protective styles such as braids etc is to neglect the hair that is underneath. Don't.
  • Wash your hair as usal with shampoo or organic ACV. I do not reccomend co-washing/balsam metoden with regular conditioners since conditioners is not made to cleanse your hair. 
  • Moisturizing your hair with this type of protective styles can be hard but a spray bottle will do the trick. Purchase rosewater, aloe vera juice/gel, glycerine, oils and etc to do it yourself. Even plain water with some conditioner and oils will get the job done better than many store bought braid sprays. If you want to buy the I reccomend Creme of Nature's leave in spray.
  • Limit the use of gel around your hairline and edges. Not cleansing that area properly can cause you more harm then good  such as break outs due to the product residue, breaking edges since the gel dries the hair out, product build up that may clog your pores. If you must use it often then alternate between light gels and edge tamers. Honey mixed with aloe vera is a simple yet natural gel that also washes off easily.
  • Don't keep them in for longer than 2-3 months. Never! The shed hair needs to be removed, loose braids is not a good look and might cause tension and stress to your hair, especielly on edges and hairline. Take them down , rest and re-do them. Your hair won't grow by not taking care of it.

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