Crochet/tree braids close up

When I say that I didn't do it properly I mean that the cornrows was lazy made, could have left more hair around and I could definitely have added more hair for more versatility. But anyway I am glad and surprised over the good result. 

I did about 5 cornrows straight back on the top half of my head and 3 straight across on the bottom half. 

This is the side part leave out.

The braiding hair I used was Afro twist by sensational I think. One pack is 100kr I think from Visions Butik in slussen. 
I cut each strand into halves and used one strand each time. In total I used  about 50 pieces but I would definitely recommend more. Lesson learned. 
The braiding hair I used was the same hair I used for the twists and box braids. It was washed weeks before use. 

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