Protective style success

This how my hair looked like after taking down the braids and detangling with water and a wide tooth comb. 
Honestly I did not take care of my hair properly during the protective style. I was good at moisturizing but I did not wash it as I usually do. Luckily I still retained both length & moisture. 

"Braids make your hair grow" 
You have probably heard it before & let me tell you that is false. It's not the braids  , its the fact that your strands are being protected. 
The whole point of protective styling is low to now manipulation, length and moisture retention. Now that doesn't mean that anyone who has braids, weave, twists etc are doing it for the protective purpose. 

Your hair regardless of hair type will feel good being untouched for awhile. Low manipulation, regularly keeping your hair moisturized and most important- keeping your scalp clean because hair growth starts just below your scalp. 

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