My hair tools/accessories section

The ones marked with a symbol (*) is or will be reviewed. 

Stylers: 4 different types of doughnuts; 1 big, 1 medium and 2 small.
3 different sizes of flexi rods; 26 in total. 
Curl formers; Not the original. 
Toddlers ponytail holders; Too many to count lol. 

Necessary: 14 pcs of hair claws; 2 small and 12 butterfly claws. l. 
3 different travel size bottles and 1 travel size spray bottle plus one big spray bottle. 
A wide tooth comb, a rat tail comb, a random sized comb, a hair coloring brush (to apply DC) & a sharp scissor. 
Bobby pins ( that ends up EVERYWHERE..) 
Headbands; without metal. 

Heat stylers: Flatiron Waves, mini/travel size flatiron, flatiron Babyliss Paris pro230 & air styler Philips 400w. 

Hair extensions: Afro silk Twist hair by Sensational; 1,5 pcs, Express passion braiding hair by Dream hair, Aura super bulk human hair by Celebrity, Expression braiding hair in red and 1b. 

Powders/clays (face &/or hair): Bentonite clay*, amla powder* & turmeric powder. 

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