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So far I have been taking MSM for 2 weeks and 6 days to be exact. The first week I took 1 capsule a day and then I increased to 2 capsules a day. On Monday I will increase to 3 a day which is considered to be maximum by the brand I use. 

• I am taking 1000mg per capsule.
• One at lunch and one for dinner so I never take them on an empty stomach which can decrease the risk of getting side effects connected with your stomach like diarrhea, constipation etc . 
• My daily goal is to drink at least 3 l water daily but unfortunately I have been slacking on that. I still didn't get any side effects. 
• My nails and skin are kept in shape with MSM; my nails doesn't break as easily and maintain their strength. My skin is smoother than before. 
• I have gained some weight overall and that is because of the fact that MSM can increase your appetite which will cause you to eat more. 
In general I do not gain weight easily so if you are like me it is a plus. 

Right picture: 2 weeks ago, about the same time I started with MSM
Left picture: After 2 weeks of box braids. 

As you can see it is definitely longer after the no manipulation protective style. 
This coming week I honestly have no idea on what to do with my hair.. 
If you have any ideas or tips, please share :) 

*sidenote: If you have problems swallowing pills then MSM in powder/flake form might be more suitable for you.
 I just got used to it. 

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