Short term protective style- Afro puff

So I have no idea if what short term protective style I can do that wont require too much styling or care.. I don't even have options :( 

But I did my best. 

This is how it look like 1 day after wash and light banding at night. 

To keep the curl pattern, moisturize and protect the ends I did LOC with my moisturizing hair spritz and Beautiful Textures Curl control (I love it). 
Then made six braids off the leave out and banded the ends to prevent shrinkage. The second day I only did four braids and last night I ended up banding it in two sections. 
The curl control is pretty moisturizing so I only needed it the first day.  
In the morning I simply unraveled the braids and spritzed the leave out. 

The result; 

It was simple to do and lasted awhile but I like more volume so to next time I will do more braids and use an Afro pick. 

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