My 1st giveaway!

 When I first started this blog I never ever thought that I would come this far in my hair journey or as a blogger. I truly appreciate all the feedback and love I get.
 I started with loads of question marks but now I am helping you guys in one or another way.
Since my scandinaturals that will attend to the event the 16th will get pretty spoiled I choose to make this giveaway open for everybody! From Scandinavia to the US to France, you name it.

This giveaway is sponsored by Sleeping Beauty, an US based hair garnament company. To find out more about the company visit: http://sleepingbeautyhair.weebly.com/ .

To enter you need to have at least 15 entries which is done by completing the 3 first tasks. All the guidelines and rules should be found below, if not email me or comment on this post.
Good luck! ;)

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