Baggying VS GHE

What's is the difference in between baggying and GHE ?

Baggying: A plastic bag is placed around hair ends that has been oiled or LOC'd/LCO'd. This is a way to retain length. 

GHE: Stands for Green House Effect. A plastic bag or shower cap is put on to cover your full head of hair. Your hair is sprayed with water and then oiled with a carrier oil. 
Your body heat will leave the bag or cap with water drops after the "steam". This will help your scalp to create sebum. 
 If you're hair is wet after this then you need to adjust the way you do it. Your hair will get slightly moist. The GHE helps to retain length and moisture. 

It shouldn't be done too often since it can  cause buildup or fungus. 
Both should be done on dry hair that is sprayed with water. 

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