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Luckily or unfortunately I can eat what I want whenever I want without gaining weight, the way my food intake is set up.. Y'all would see me rolling lol. 

I am a skinny girl with a biig appetite, but don't let it fool you. Skinny or fat doesn't matter it's all about your health. 

Healthy hair comes before growth for me, and with healthy hair comes growth. To keep my hair healthy I stick to the things that works for my hair and do my best to drink more water and eat more vegetables and fruits. 

I have some tips to share that has been helpful for me.

 Fill a glass, container, glass jar, bottle etc with ice or plain cold water. 
• Take your fruits/vegetables/herb of choice. Lemon, lime, cucumber, berries is what I have tried so far.
• Add the fruits etc and crush or shake it a little bit. 
This gives the water a pleasant taste and it really works for me. A tip is to clean the peel before using them or else it might give the water a bitter taste. 

I used to hate broccoli, I found it disgusting but now I eat it almost very week! 
• Boil broccoli in pre boiled and salted water for about 10 minutes. If necessary salt it again, spray some oil or put some butter on it.
• Broccoli soup, put boiled broccoli and potatoes in a mixer together with some salted water. Mix it into a purée and add cream. Heat it and it's ready to eat. 
You can add other vegetables of your choice. 
• Broccoli pie, make a food pie with broccoli, cheese, ham the list on what you can add is long. 
For a more healthy pie, use whole grain flour instead. 

• Juice, a juicer is a really good tool to have. In minutes you can make your own homemade juice with any fruit and vegetables if your choice. And yes it taste as good as store bought juice! With no sugar added.
Apple and kiwi is an easy and oh so delicious recipe.

I will be back with more posts on healthy food. Let me know how the tips work for you :) 

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