AFWS: My first event

My first event at AFWS went good, not as planned but I left with one and another business card and most importantly I shared tips for those who needed it.  I have spoken to some of the attendees that came to my spot and they have actually seen improvements already by using my tips. That is what I call sucess!

At the AFWS event  DermOrganic ( NorthLifestyle), GreenHouse Comsetics, Afrostore.se, Divine Hair Sweden, Lush and Afrosöder ( not pictured) was my sponsors that had samples/discount codes and/or giveaways. Visit my Instagram to find out more about the giveaway that is still running. 

DermOrganic can be found at professional hair salons and online at different websites such as Lyko.se to name one. You can also buy travel size before getting the regular size.
GreenHouse Cosmetics* is only found through /http://greenhousecosmetics.com/ .
Afrostore.se* is an online website only with products from tip to toe, natural & relaxed hair care products.
Divine Hair Sweden* is a hair extension company with everything from clip ins to nail hair to faux bangs. Only found at http://www.divinehairsweden.se/
 Lush is a well known store worldwide where you find vegan friendly and body friendly skin- and hair products to name a few.
Afrosöder* is a well known and established barber shop at Mariatorget. They style both male and female hair, kids and adults. To get an appointment visit http://www.afrosoder.se/

*These companies has either a giveaway and/or discount codes that are still available. Follow my Instagram for more information.

Thank you to all the sponsors named above and Taj Mahal for your support! :)

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