Pre- weave wash day

Some time ago I put my hair through waaay too much protein that it started to act funny.. Coarse hair is not so funny, but you get the picture. 
Before I installed the weave I made sure that I was applying enough moisture to my hair. Every night, every morning and of course during wash day. Since my last wash day was with bentonite clay I co-washed  with the products shown above prior to installing the weave. 

In the little clear container I mixed ORS replenishing conditioner with DermOrganic Daily Moisturizing conditioner. As a DC I used did not use III Sisters of Nature Once A Week treatment. Why? Well I like it so much that I have been saving it lol. It will be used when I take my weave down. 
Instead I used a homemade of avocado, banana and honey.

What is your favorite deep conditioner?

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