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By now you might know that one of my favorite conditioner is ORS Replenishing conditioner, but then you should also know that one of my favorite &(!) staple oils is coconut oil. The unrefined, in other words the real deal!

Now trying to get organic products and ingredients in Sweden is often tricky and/or pricey and ain't nobody got time for that.
I remember one time when I went to look for coconut oil, this time I went to the Indian store in my neighborhood because that is the only place I can trust except iHerb. The brands I saw was Vatika & ktc, but when looked at the content list there was nothing about the coconut oil so I asked the owner. Turned out that it wasn't unrefined so this time I left empty handed to my surprise. Luckily iHerb has many options.

iHerb has everything from hair to protein shakes to makeup and the shipping is fast to Sweden. It costs either $4 or $8 depending on how fast you want it and that is a flat rate. There has only been one time that the shipping was over $8 for me and that was only $1 extra, but with all the money I saved from buying on there I can't complain.

Here is a discount code that will give you up to $10: VSK243

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