Afrostore.se Test panel #2: Aphogee

Today I received product(s) #2 from the test panel by Afrostore.se.

Earlier this week me and Anni, the owner of Afrostore.se had a little chit-chat and she revealed that this time it would be a full size product, but it was more than that! Two products by Aphogee, a well known brand in the hair community, was sent to me.

Aphogee Curlific! Textured Hair Wash - No parabens or sulfates. Enriched with keratin and quinoa proteins (that's something new, but after research it turned out that quinoa have some great benefits for kinks, waves, coils and curls). This one should be used as a shampoo, the directions doesn't say anything about conditioner :/ We will see about that lol.

Aphogee Curlific! Texture Treatment- "Proteins for the strength, emollients for shine and humectants for softness"This is a deepconditioner that is said to keep beautiful hair regardless of the environment.
To get the true benefits of these products and see how they works I will use them as directed for at least 2-3 weeks.

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