It's a wig! - New set of rows

I took my wig of for a few days to let my scalp,  and hair breath for a minute. Can you imagine how hot and uncomfortable it must be under a wig at all times? As often you wear it, you should also let your hair breath from it.

Practice makes perfect so as you can tell I am doing my cornrows in different ways each time to find the right pattern for my liking.


This time I did the front different to make it lay flatter, but I should have left more hair around the hairline to make it look more natural. Oh, well you live and learn.
I did 11 cornrows in total that was done one by one. For each section I oiled and massaged my scalp with Root2Tip Root Energizer and then I applied some leave-in on the length of my hair so that I could comb through it. Do never comb dry hair!

I fingerdetangle to 90% nowadays but it has been awhile since last time I fingerdetangled my whole head which I could tell later.

                                                                Shed hair after combing thorugh with a wide tooth comb.

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