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When I started taking better care of my hair I realized the importance of health inside and outside. Not only for my hair but also for my skin. 
As a kid I had eczema and last year I had a an allergic reaction to regular bodywash and even too a body lotion from the pharmacy. First I ignored it and kept itching, that was a big mistake. I had to get appointments at different doctors, eye, body, allergy you name it. I still have some marks left , but the worst thing was that none of those appointments helped me! I bought the pills, eye drops, cream and etc that they told me to get but it didn't help. So I started making my own research. 

Long story short, I have finally found products that works.

Cleanser- I have been struggling for a long time to find an effective yet gentle cleanser and the list of the ones I have tried is long.
Scrub- ?? I never used it like I didn't even know the purpose of it..
Mask- There is only one face mask of all the ones I have tried that truly worked. Unfortunately I couldn't find it, but it turned out that I can make it myself :D
Soap- I used to grab any soap or wash I could find.. No wonder my skin was suffering.

Cleansers- Dr Woods pure Black soap & DIY brightening face cleanser

Rituals Himalayan Clay (mask) & Neutrogena Visibly Clear SOS cleanser (almost unused)
Scrub- Derma E Very clear scrub
Masks- Aztec Secret (Calcium) Bentonite clay & Amla powder
Soap- Nubian Heritage African Black soap & Dudu-Osun black soap

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