It's a wig! - Invisible lace L-part

So I have already shown you guys some pictures of the wig, but as I promised more will come. Meanwhile here is a pic of the part when it has been styled.

I applied some foundation to the lace part because I noticed that the lace part tends to sheen at times. When I took the picture I realized that a part of the roots close to the part was "dirty" due to the foundation.
Failure ma
kes perfect!

I left out the hairline when I braided my hair so I simply parted my hairline at the same direction that the part was. Then -I applied Keracare Edge Tamer with a toothbrush, but I noticed that I had flyways during the day. Maybe because it was hot outside or because my hair was dry when I applied it. I need to experiment more to find the right gel solution.
Overall it looked good and most importantly it looked natural.

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