It's a wig! - Braid pattern

Wearing a weave is in my opinion seen as a low to no manipulation styles depending on what type of wig it is (u-part, half wig etc) and how you choose to maintain your natural hair underneath.

Wig routine:
  • 3x/week I massage my scalp with Root2Tip Scalp Hydration serum. One out of three times is done on wash day.
  • 1x/week I massage my scalp with Root2Tip Root Energizer overnight the day before wash day.
  • 2x/daily I spritz my hair with the DIY moisturizing hair spritz.
  • Every night I seal in the moisture from the spritz with coconut and almond oil. This is done on cornrowed hair.
  • About every third day or when necessary I rinse, oil and redo the front cornrows.
  • Every night I make sure to rinse my hairline and edges with water while washing my face/taking a shower.
  • I always apply aloe vera gel before any edge control/gel. That is to prevent it from drying my hair out and it also gives a lasting hold.
  • Everyday I take the wig off as soon as I get home.
  • Once a week I wash it with shampoo and once a week I rinse it with warm water.

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