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Now that I have added skin care to my blog I will from time to time share tips on what/why/where to buy products. All of the tips shown on my blog will be approved by me in one or another way. If you try any of the tips on my blog, I would love to know how it works for you :)

Whipped Shea butter:
• approximately 75gr raw Shea butter
• 2 tbs extra virgin olive & almond oil
• 1 tbs safflower oil 
• 1 capsule fish oil 
• Drops of essential rosemary oil 

Melt down the Shea butter without overheating it. When it is turned into a liquid consistency use a hand whisker or an electric one and whip it into a yellowish color and a thicker consistency.
 Add the other oils except the preservatives, in this case the vitamin e and/or the rosemary oil. Those two will be added lastly. Whip the mixture together until creamy then add the preservative/-s. 
Pour it into your jar and put it in the fridge for maximum 5 minutes. This is to slightly harden the butter.
Daily use.

Honey & lemon face mask and/or cleanser:
• 60% honey
•40% lemon
• Vitamin e and/or rosemary oil to preserve it.

Melt the honey and let it cool down a bit before putting it into your bottle or jar. Take an equal amount of freshly squeezed lemon juice, add the other oil and shake it up.

Wash your face with your choice of cleansing method ( face wash, oil cleansing method etc) and wash it off. Keep your skin damp and apply the mixture by massaging it onto your skin. Let it dry until sticky then wash it off completely. 
Daily and/or weekly use.

Moisturizing hair spritz:
Rose water
• Raw aloe Vera gel
• Pre boiled water 
• Oils of your choice

When it comes to hair you will find that many times the directions aren't suitable for you so to this hair spritz I have no measurements. I simply do eye measurements and adjust it for my needs according to the condition of my hair, what time of the year it is etc. 

The rose water goes in first so that will determine how much of the other ingredients that will be added. I mix aloe Vera gel with water until it has a liquid consistency, the water I use is pre boiled water that has been cooled down. 
The last step is to add the oils of your choice and needs. I mainly use almond oil and olive oil. Don't forget to shake it up before every use.
Daily use. 

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