TLC after crochet/tree braids

During the protective style I cleaned my scalp once and washed my hair once. I also did the porosity test and that confirmed that I have low porosity hair so I need to change/add some things to my healthy hair journey.
 I will make a post with guidelines and my test result to make you understand what porosity is and how it works.

Instead of using my regular products I decided to use some of my samples. I choose the Mixed roots products that I received with from Afrostore. 

Pre-poo: Vatika enriched coconut oil left on for about 30 minutes with a plastic bag. Aloe Vera gel applied on top, left on for 19 minutes. 
DC: Yoghurt mixed with baking soda 
Shampoo: Mixed roots Curl Cleansing shampoo
Tea rinse: 2 bags of Lipton as usually
Conditioner: Mixed roots Deep Moisture conditioner 

LCO: Mixed roots Curl Control leave in lotion , ORS olive oil creamy lotion and my oil mix. 

Hair was then put into 4 sections of banded ponytails to stretch and prevent matting and breakage. 

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