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Not a long time ago I had an allergic reaction to an ingredient used in skincare products such as soaps, lotions etc. I went to the doctor on and off but I just ended up wasting money, and time. 
On top of that I have eczema prone skin and the allergic reaction trigged it back.. And in general it is hard for women of color to find effective skincare products for affordable prices. 

I had dark spot, uneven skin tone,dull complexion, blemishes and so on.. My skin is not perfect now but it is much better! There is not such a thing as perfect skin anyway but I have finally found products that works for me while being gentle to my skin.  

The products pictured are my what I use on my face, some of them from time to time and others I use daily. 
I will make individual posts for each product pictured along with instructions, side effects and where to get them.

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