Pineapple/CG method for medium & short hair

Pineapple and CG method is a way of preserving your coils and/or curls easily. And now that my hair texture has changed and is now more tightly coiled CG/ pineapple method helps me keeping  my coils popping. We all love popping coils :) 

But for me to get the best result with the shrinkage I am facing I need to do it in sections. I do it on washday after the LOC and every other day that I wear my hair out, which is from time to time. 

You can use any rubber band/ponytail holder of your choice but avoid those with metal since they can snag and cause breakage. If you want to use thread, that's fine too. 

Since my hair shrinks a lot I always stretch it after washday. I mostly do the threading or banding method. Threading is faster and gives a straighter stretch, banding gives you a slightly wavy stretch.
To make it easier you can twist and then bun your sections, that's less time consuming then the two other stretching methods. 

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