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The other day while deciding which products to use for wash day I realized how much my hair care stock has decreased in size. In the beginning of my hair journey I had plenty products that I bought just because I saw people using them smh..

Now I pretty much have my favorite and staple products. Mane n Tail is one of them. I really like it it's definitely a keeper for my hair, but then I did some research and found out that Mane n Tail have several hair products depending on your needs.
One of the essentials for healthy hair is to have a protein and moisture balance. Too little and too much will only do your hair bad. So a must for your hair care is to have both a moisturizing and protein conditioner. I am personally looking for their shampoo and/or conditioner but I have heard good stuff about the Hoffmaker. 

I have and is still using the Deep Moisturizing line and it truly moisturize my hair. 
Since I am running out if it and is too greedy about it I looked it up on Swedish online shops. It must be my lucky day because Lyko have selected duo shampoo+conditioner for 199kr (338kr ordinarie pris) or single conditioner or shampoo for only 99kr (169kr ordinarie pris). And guess what, you get free shipping on top of all that. Grädden på moset as we say in Sweden. 

Mane n Tail
To see all the Mane n Tail products:

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