Natural remedies - Tea tree oil

You get a pimple and want to get rid of it fast. But how do you get rid of a pimple the fast way WITHOUT getting the pimple(-s)  infected and/or leaving dark ugly spots? This is a common problem among people with darker skin tones. 
On top of that, if you have sensitive skin it's even harder to find an effective yet gentle cure. 

Let me introduce you to Tea tree oil; 

• Tea tree oil is derived from the leaves of the Tea tree.
• It is antibacterial which means that it kills bacteria where it is applied. 
• Tea tree oil is applied topically which makes it excellent for spot treatments.
• It is also anti septic so it can be used to cure infections. 
• Tea tree oil is an essential oil therefore it  should be used with caution and diluted if needed.

Tea tree oil is an oil that can be used overall depending on your needs. It can also be used on your hair. 

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