Honey did what?!

Honey is not only sweet in food, it's sweet to your hair too. Hair masks and pre-poo treatments with honey among other ingredients are common but did you know that honey can serve as hairgel too! 
Now you are probably wondering how I got that idea. The answer is: Creativity gave me that idea lol. One of the added points to my natural hair journey is to not use hair gel and edge control so often especially not since I want to grow my edges thicker. 

Do far I have tried pure aloe vera gel and now honey. Both ingredients has their pros an cons but they work, a little goes a long way and they are all natural. It's a win win situation 

Finger coiled with honey and water mixed together. Very good hold and definition. No white flakes, no crunchy feel. 

You can't really tell a difference unless you see a before and after picture next to each other. 
It gives a nice hold but to the hairline it is better applied with a toothbrush then with fingers. 

As soon as I start vlogging I will do a detailed tutorial on this. 

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