Face your hair- Anagen, Catagen & Telogen

1- Anagen/ Growth phase:
This is the stage where your hair is basically growing and getting longer (together with length retention) and it ranges from 2-6 years depending on genetics. 
You can lengthen this phase by using MSM. 

2- Catagen/Transitional phase: Is a 1-3 week period where your hair is not growing. During this stage your hair follicles shrinks to then leave space for new hair. 
Since it comes after the growing phase,it as a transitional period. 

3- Telogen/Resting phase: During 2-4 months your hair starts to shed naturally to then get back to the Anagen phase to produce new hair. 
The average amount of shed hair during this stage is 100 strands/day. That is after brushing, washing and etc. Excessive hair shedding can occur when you have nutritional deficiencies, go through stress or trauma and etc. 

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