New in + Kemit Savagé leave-in review (Sunday)

This is what I used after finished washing my hair. 
First I spritzed my at this point semi dry hair with Real Queens Activation to help the absorption of the oil. 
I oiled my scalp with my oil mix and went on to the leave-in conditioner.  At this point I realized that I had done a modified LOC method without knowing it.

Kemit Savagé is a new name for me, I have never heard or seen it but after recommendation from Vivat, the owner of Visions butik & Salong, I decided to give it a try. 

After applying the Kemit Savagé Moyst leave-in I banded each section one by one. I did 8 banded sections this time. 

This is the banding method: 
It is a way of stretching your hair. When comb through my hair with a wide tooth comb and do this, it gives a blow out effect.
After fingerdetangling on wash day, my hair is a little stretched yet still coily. 

+ The leave-in smells good and is full of natural ingredients which is a plus. 
- So far I can't say much since I was being really cautious about the amount of product I used. 

Stay updated for a follow up. 

What is your favorite leave-in? 

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