The reason for why I don't brush my hair

Shedding hair is normal but also hair breakage when detangling goes wrong. 
I used to loose a lot of hair while I was detangling my hair. Now I know why ( The picture above is the amount of hair I loose after finger detangling my whole head).

  1. Because most of the time I detangled my hair in its dry state.. This is a NO NO, at least for my hair. 
   2. I was combing by starting at the root or starting from the middle. Another NO NO no matter what hair type you have.
    3. Only combing and not detangling at   all..
     4. Detangling horizontally.. Not so smart since that can create even more tangles and knots. You're also pulling your hair which leads to, breakage. 
     5. Thinking that the afro comb is the only comb for my hair since its for Afros. Duh? 

I went from using the afro comb to brushing my hair to using boar bristle brushes ( I will explain why in another post) to using my bare hands. And it really works for me. The first times it took me at least an hour.. Sigh, my neck, my back. But then I finally learned how to do it and got used to it so nowadays it only take me about 10 minutes. Some of y'all like "10 minutes? For what ? Ain't nobody got time for that" but I rather let it take 10 minutes than finding 10++++ hair strands on the floor after detangling. 

Once again, what works for me might not work for you but remember that patience really is the key to healthier, longer and stronger hair. 

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