No shrinkage- The African way

Today was the 4th time I stretched my hair by banding my hair. I usually keep them in for at least two days so I do them on days that I am at home. 

(Now I know that this looks crazy but this African threading/banding. I haven't done it properly in this picture but it's supposed to look something similar to this)

There are different ways to do it but I prefer the African way even though that takes some patience ( I've been patient for like 3 years now so I'm cool with it lol).
The result I get depends on the state of my hair when I'm doing it and how I'm doing it. 
As a youngin I had to go to school looking like E.T.'s daughter... And about every second day I pulled the thread out a little to then tell my mum that it happend when I played with my friends (like she didn't understand). I hated it but now I've realized that she was actually doing me a favor. It's never too late to learn a lesson lol. 

I have tried banding with basic hair bands for toddlers but it kinda sucked up whatever I applied to my hair and after doing the GHE they was wet. Ew.. Anyhow what I use now is thread. Hair thread, sewing thread, whatever thread. You name it , I honestly don't care what kind of thread it is. I read about someone who used shoe laces.. :I eh idk about that though.. 

What do you do/ use on your hair to stretch it and prevent shrinkage? 

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