Things you do that might kill your hair.


Afro comb

If you are black or mixed with black then you've been growing up with the first one. Been giving me headaches and shit lol smh.
In case you don't know, the first one is a afro comb. It is mostly used to pick the 'fro out but um yeah.. I don't have too good memories about that.
First of all wether you wear your 'fro out or not the key to healthy hair is low manipulation. With that said, DO NOT TOUCH/PICK/SWIRL/PULL/TWIST YOUR HAIR ALL THE TIME!
  1. Instead of keeping the moisture in your hair, your hands will steal some of it.
  2. It will probably become a habit that you can't stop.
  3. In case you have weak hair, know that you are just pulling hairs off (just a couple of hair straws but still..).
Combing and brushing isn't for everyone, don't assume that you need an afro comb just because your hair is in a 'fro (This is one reason why you need to know what your hair type is. Afro isn't a hairtype). When I begun my hair journey I started with not combing often to not combing at all, I detangle my hair by using 2 simple and cheap tools.
My fingers and time. The reason I only finger detangle is because that seems to work best with my hair since it's fine. By stop combing I immediately noticed that the comb and the floor was pretty much empty from hair.
I really recommend at least trying that, BUT it takes time compared to just combing and also depending on wether your hair is thick, long or coarse.

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