Oils for your hair and body


Above is the following oils: Mustard oil, red palm oil and EVOO/ Virgin olive oil. There are many other oils that are good for your hair and body care such as coconut oil, almond oil and many others.
What you're looking for when purchasing the oil is that it is as pure as possible to prevent any allergic reactions. Good oils doesn't have to be expensive, just look for if it's raw or not compare with other brands to get a good amount of oil compared to the price tag on the bottle. When I buy my oils I get them at my local stores around my neighbourhood such as ICA, an indian food store, an arabic foodstore, LIDL and others. Sometimes I do buy the big ass bottles/containers of oil because in that way it doesn't get too expensive since I can store it at home and it will be good for a longer time.
As far as I know red palm oil is a basic in african kitchens like you're not a real african if you never seen it in your kitchen while growing up lol.
Mustard oil have an indulgent smell! but as far as I've understand it mustard oil is a basic in indian homes.
Virgin Olive oil is a basic in many countries and you see it in your almost every food stores.

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