Going natural - Pt. 1- Hair texture

How do I start?

Number one is to find out what kind of hair you have to deal with. What is your natural hair texture, is it coarse/fine, thick/light and so on. To help you I'm gonna keep it really easy and take it step by step but let me remind you that I am not a pro at any of the things I write about. I am just speaking of my own experience. That can make it easier for you since I can share my pros and cons with you.

Hair texture

Below is two different hair charts to found out what hair texture you have. I will write a post about the 2 hair charts.
The bottom picture is the Andre Walker’s Hair Classification System and unfortunately I don't remember the name of the top chart.

Knowing what hairtype you have is important since obviously all products don't suit for all. Even when you know your hair type it can be tricky to find what your hair loves and don't like at all. Keep in mind that the last thing you want is to become a product junkie or even a natural junkie(natural/organic hair care junkie).

My hair texture is 4B/C. It is mostly 4C but at some spots around my head I have some 4B's. It is normal to have more than one hair texture! So don't get scared or think that you have/are doing something wrong if you find some curls in your 'fro.

Girl, I don't think that this natural thing is for me. It probably wont suit me. Wait what?

  • No, going natural isn't for anyone because it takes a lot of patience and time. If your hair is damaged you need to make it healthy first for it to grow out healthy. Your hair probably is growing anyway with all that damage/or without harsh damage BUT healthy long hair or hair that looks just OK. I choose healthy hair.
  • Yes, once you learn how to take care of your hair and keep it that way you will see your hair's real potential to grow, shine and bounce. We love that :)

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