Hairstyles for kids

If you follow me on Instagram then you have seen this little head before.

She is basically like a real life mannequin head lol. She doesn't cry and her reaction when she see the results are always positive, matter of fact she lights up like really so it is always a pleasure. 

This time I did her hair two times, a curly fro and a braided puff hair style. I started with a worn out fro which is what you see in the top picture, her hair was pretty much straight due to the high bun she had for a while. 
I used S-curl activator spray to detangle and to wake her curls up.

Her hair was soft and moisturized after the detangling process. For the curly fro this is what I did all over and then I put a small headband to hold some off the hair away from her face. 

Style #2:

I cornrowed the back and put some beads. In this picture some off them fell due to not being attached hard properly. It turned out that I had to remove them all later lol.

The front was put into two puffs that is easily refreshed with some water.

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