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It has been awhile since you washed your hair and the weave is starting to itch, but you don't have the time to properly wash it once every week? Well here is a solution that might save you from tapping on that weave. 
This can also be done during most protective styles such as braids, wig, crochet braids etc.

Before I let you know what you need, this is not a substitute for your regular cleansing product! I personally wash my hair twice a week so if I am skipping one wash day then I use this. If I co-wash only then I will use this method between the two wash days.

Root2Tip Scalp Hydration serum, DIY hair spritz, Organic ACV by Braggs and Witch Hazel.
You don't need all the products pictured but these are what I used. The most important thing is the ACV and witch hazel.
ACV is clarifying among other of it's great benefits, I don't recommend non-organic ACV because those are usually mixed and diluted with other ingredients which means that the original amount of nutrients have decreased. Witch hazel can be used from tip to toe literally, but it is mostly known as a remedy for insect bites and as a face toner. It cleanses without drying out the skin. 

A little bit goes a long way since you can only reach specific areas of your scalp and over doing it will only keep your hair damp which can turn into a disaster. 

Mix your desired amount of ACV and witch hazel, 50/50 is a good way to start. For additional benefits you can add tea tree oil due to it's antibacterial benefits. A few drops is enough, too much can cause an allergic reaction.

Dip a cotton ball/swab into the concoction, let it absorb and apply on your scalp.
Don't rub it on! Just gently apply it with smooth motions. 

Additional tips:
  • Wait until your hair is slighlty damp/dry then spritz your hair with DIY hair spritz to moisturize.
  • Seal the moisture in with oil or a butter. I use Root2Tip Scalp Hydration Serum.

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